Advantages of free registration at a glance

Siwecos is completely free of charge and includes the quick scan (Free) on the homepage, as well as the registered version (Pro) including the registration of up to 25 domains, a daily security check, and automatic messages if critical vulnerabilities are found.

Daily scan of up to 25 domains
Automatic messages if vulnerabilities are found
Seal generated for your own website
Total score of the scan
Complete security report
TLS ScannerFreePro
Scan for expired / not yet valid certificates
Scan of the hash function used in the certificate
Scan for weak cipher suites
Scan for responsible cipher suite selection
Scan for weak protocol versions
Scan for vulnerability to a CRIME attack
Scan for vulnerability to a Sweet32 attack
Scan for a Poodle vulnerability
Scan for vulnerability to Poodle variants for TLS
Scan for vulnerability to a Heartbleed attack
Scan for padding oracle vulnerabilities
Scan for vulnerabilities to invalid curve and ephemeral invalid curve attacks
Scan for vulnerability to a Bleichenbacher attack
Dom XSS-ScannerFreePro
Scan of the JavaScript code for DOMXSS sinks
Scan of the JavaScript code for DOMXSS sources
Info Leak ScannerFreePro
Scan for the recognizability of the CMS in use
Scan for insecure CMS plugins
Scan for insecure JavaScript libraries
Scan for existing email addresses
Scan for decipherable telephone numbers
Header ScannerFreePro
Scan of the Content Security Policy (CSP)
Scan of the HTTP content type
Scan of the HSTS protection
Scan of the X-Content-Type header
Scan of the X-Frame-Options
Scan for whether the Cross-site Scripting Filter is activated and configured correctly
Scan of the HSTS protection
Initiative-S ScannerFreePro
Scan for possible phishing content
Scan for possible spam content
Scan for possible malware