From the outset, TYPO3 was developed with an emphasis on multilingual Internet/Intranet projects, with a focus on easy extendability.

Today there are well over 500,000 installations of the system, most of them in DAX-50 corporations, medium-sized companies, and universities, who appreciate the reliability of the system.

TYPO3 is most widely used in the DACH region. It provides the basis for websites, intranets, web applications, and mobile applications from companies, universities, or not-for-profit organizations, extending to large multilingual portals for globally active corporations.

There are about 1,500 extensions available for the development of a TYPO3 website, which offer many possible application uses.

TYPO3 is the only system presented here that has been offering a certification program for a number of years - certified developers and integrators will as a rule carry out the professional integration.

For smaller and functionally less demanding web presences, TYPO3 is only suitable if these presences have been implemented by professional agencies or developers, since otherwise the familiarization and training effort is relatively high and the unconfigured editorial interface can come across as being very extensive and sometimes confusing.

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