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Verification by META tag in Wordpress!

You can confirm ownership of a website by adding an individual <meta> tag, specified by us, to the HTML code of the start page of your domain. Our scanner checks whether the meta tag is at the correct position. If the tag is not found, information about the detected errors is given. This tag is assigned to a specific domain. The easiest way to do this in Wordpress is with the plugin "All Meta Tags". Proceed as follows:

1. In your Wordpress-Admin go to the menu item "Plugins" and on the right side click on "Install". 1wp plugins installieren-en.png
2. Enter "meta tag" as keyword, select "All Meta Tags" and install the plugin. 2wp all meta tags-en.png
3. Call the installed plugins. 3wp installierte plugins-en.png
4. Activate "All Meta Tags" and click on "Settings". 4wp all meta tags aktivieren und einstellungen-en.png
5. Enter your personal meta tag "siwecostoken" and save your entry. 5wp token eintragen save.png
6. Test the input via Test structured data. 6wp testen-en.png
7. The result should look like this, of course with your personal token. 7wp testergebnis-en.png