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Check for JavaScript libraries

If the result is positive, there is no need for further action. If the result is negative, please read the following instructions.

Result positive By the current state of knowledge, the JavaScript libraries are not vulnerable to known security flaws.
Result negativ Unsafe JavaScript library found.
Description A JavaScript library you are using was detected. An attacker could use this information to search for vulnerabilites on your website.
Background JavaScript (JS) is a scripting language that was originally developed in 1995 by Netscape for dynamic HTML in Webbrowsern. It is used to evaluate user interactions or to modify, reload, or generate content, thereby expanding the capabilities of HTML and CSS. JavaScript code that is frequently used by developers is stored in external libraries. If a website uses an unsafe JavaScript library, it is potentially vulnerable.
Consequence Obsolete JavaScript libraries can contain security holes and should therefore be updated regularly.
Solution/Tips If unsafe JavaScript libraries have been reported, update your JavaScript libraries or framework.

Note: The vulnerability of version 1.12.4 is known to the developers and should be fixed with the next update. A manual change to version 3 is not recommended by Wordpress for compatibility reasons. As soon as the new update is available, you should install it as soon as possible.