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Check for CMS plug-ins

If the result is positive, there is no need for further action. If the result is negative, please read the following instructions.

Result positive No CMS plug-ins could be detected. Attacks using security flaws in plug-ins are thus less likely.
Result negativ CMS plug-in detected
Description A plug-in that is used by your content management system (CMS) was detected. An attacker could use this information to search for specific security flaws for your website.
Background A plug-in is an optional software module that extends or modifies an existing software. Plug-ins are often written by inexperienced developers. Therefore they often have security flaws which are not fixed in time. Further information
Consequence Content management system (CMS) offer a wide range of extensions. Vulnerabilities and security flaws in plug-ins are often exploited by attackers to gain control of a CMS installation or to misuse it for other purposes. A large attack surface is a disadvantage that should be avoided. -sicherheit-teil3/ Further Information (German only).
Solution/Tips The use of plug-ins should be limited to those plug-ins that are absolutely necessary. This can reduce the attack surface significantly. In addition, installed plugins should always be kept up to date.