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TLS Scanner/EN

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The [[TLS Scanner|TLS-Scanner]] allows you to check the encryption protocol ([[Transport Layer Security|TLS]]) of your [[Server|Servers]] for [[Schwachstellen/DE|Schwachstellenvulnerability]]. If you are using an out-dated [[Verschlüsselung|encoding]] version or are relying on out-dated processes ([https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptographisches_Primitiv kryptographische Primitive]), this will be detected by our scanner. The TLS scanner is also capable of detecting problems with the [[Zertifikate|Zertikatcertificate]] in use and inform you about weak key-lengths and [[Zertifikate#Was_tun.2C_wenn_ein_SSL-Zertifikat_abgelaufen_ist.3F|abgelaufene Zertikateexpired certificates]] that could enable an attacker to decrypt the communication between you and your customers. In addition, the TLS Scanner can test your [[Transport Layer Security|TLS-Implementierung]] for common attacks like [[Man-in-the-middle|Man-in-the-middle Angriff]] ([[Man-in-the-middle|Insecure Renegotiation]]), [[Poodle]] and [[Heartbleed-Schwachstelle/DE/Background|Heartbleed]].