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Insert Siwecos Meta tag in the WordPress header

As administrator in WordPress, you can edit several system files manually via the backend.

Wp header php.png


  • Log in to your WordPress account (administrator rights are required).
  • In the menu (on the left), select "Design" and select the "Editor".
  • On the right, the selection "Theme files" is shown.
  • Select the file "header.php", and the content of the "header.php" is shown in the editor area in the center.
  • Now you can edit the "header.php" file.
  • Copy your " Meta Informations from Siwecos" into the section between the <head> </head> tags (see illustration).
  • If everything is OK, you must save the changes. You can do this in the lower section of WordPress "Update file".
  • Now your domain is ready for verification by Siwecos.
  • Move on to siwecos.de