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Verification of certificate transmission

Check Server does not send a certificate
Beschreibung The server has not sent a certificate. This is unusual and should not occur. The server should check its TLS configuration and, if necessary, disable anonymous cipher suites.
Hintergrund It is theoretically possible to configure a TLS server so that it will not send a certificate to identify itself and only encrypt without signing its public key. A client that wants to connect to the server cannot check whether it is really communicating with the server it expects. This type of configuration is very rare.
Auswirkung Without a certificate for your website, attackers can listen in on your communication. Criminals could intercept your customers' personal data, such as passwords or credit card information.
Lösung / Tipps If Server does not send a certificate was reported, urgently update your TLS implementation. Current software no longer allows this type of configuration.

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