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Check for existing email addresses

Check Readable email address
Beschreibung Your website contains at least one machine-readable email address. This allows third parties to collect the stored email addresses automatically by the use of web crawlers (also called spiders, searchbots or robots). The collected email addresses can then be stored in an internal database together with other information about your website.
Hintergrund Automated crawlers (search engines) search and scan websites on the internet at regular intervals. This is similar to taking a stroll in a shopping mall, in both cases you cannot avoid being watched by others. Normally on the internet, as in real life, this does not pose a risk or put you at a disadvantage. The SIWECOS service also scans your website for security flaws or malicious software at regular intervals. The results from an automatic scan are used, for example, to index your website for search engines so that the website can be found more quickly and easily in search engine results. Another well-known example is the Internet Archive, which crawls, scans and saves websites regularly in order to archive them for posterity.
Auswirkung Criminals also use such crawlers and collect information, for example email addresses. This could lead to unwanted Spam, or even to a targeted Phishing-Attacke.
Lösung / Tipps If email addresses were found, ask yourself if you really want to publish them.

Enter your contact addresses, for example in the imprint, as follows: mail at / mail @ However, keep in mind that crawlers are largely able to detect and evaluate such "tricks". E-mail addresses become illegible for crawlers if you store them as graphics. This has the disadvantage that visually impaired visitors to your website cannot have your e-mail address read to them.

Alternatively, you can use a small JavaScript which embeds your e-mail address as an encrypted, but clickable mailto:. Such a script can be created e.g. at ANTI-SPAM EMAIL LINK OBFUSCATOR.