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SIWECOS stands for “Secure Websites and Content Management Systems” and helps website owners to detect and fix security vulnerabilities on their websites.

One focus of the project is on recommendations for action in the event of damage, while a second strong focus is on raising awareness in the field of cyber security. A vulnerability scanner regularly checks the server systems of a small or medium-sized company for known vulnerabilities, or checks the web applications installed on them for security vulnerabilities. All tools were developed in accordance with the principle "secure by design".

Our service for web hosting providers actively informs on acute security vulnerabilities and offers filter methods that can prevent cyber attacks before they reach the customer. That way the number of successful attacks will be reduced in the long run, and the security of the internet will be improved. At the same time, website owners are protected from high financial loss and possible loss of data.

SIWECOS improves the security of websites in the long-term and also raises awareness of the relevance of IT security. SIWECOS also empowers website owners to communicate on eye level with IT service providers.


it sicherheit in der wirtschaft

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s initiative “IT Security in the Economy” aims first and foremost to support small and medium-sized enterprises in their secure use of ICT-systems. The aim, in cooperation with IT security experts from the fields of science, economy, and administration, is to establish a basis upon which the generation of awareness in the digital economy of IT security for small and medium-sized companies can be strengthened. Companies should become enabled, through concrete measures of support, to improve their own IT security. Further information on the initiative and its services can be found at: SIWECOS was initially funded by this program.