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eco - Association of the Internet Industry e.V.

With over 1,000 member companies, eco is the largest association of the Internet industry in Europe. Since 1995, the eco Association has been shaping the development of the Internet in Germany to a significant extent, fostering new technologies, infrastructures, and markets, forming framework conditions, and representing members’ interests in the political arena and before international bodies. In the Competence Network, important specialists and decision-makers of the Internet industry are represented, and current and future Internet themes are driven forward.


Ruhr University Bochum, Chair for Network and Data Security (NDS)

The Chair for NDS conducts research and development in the areas of cryptography, cryptographic protocols, and Internet and XML security. The goal is the comprehensive examination of the various cryptographic techniques and standards that are implemented in these areas. Cryptographic protocols form the basis for a range of security solutions, from the most well-known Internet standard SSL to the procedures developed to protect privacy in the Internet. One main focus of research is on protocols implemented in practice, such as the Internet standards TLS (CRYPTO 2012), SSH (in submission), and IPSec (in preparation). The research focus for Internet security is on the areas of browser based protocols, federated identity management, single sign-on, SSL client certificates, XSS, SQLi, and HTML5.


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CMS Garden e.V.

CMS Garden is the umbrella association of the most relevant and active open- source content management systems. The systems represented by CMS Garden have a joint market share of approximately 80% in the CMS sector, which means that all relevant and popular CMSs are gathered under the one umbrella association, with one mutual point of contact. The merging of formerly competing CMS communities that now pursue mutual goals and have joined forces is unique worldwide. The networking of the communities, exchange of knowledge, collaboration in public relations, and a joint publication formed the focus of the first years of the association. CMS Garden intends to provide the communities with a permanent platform upon which they can exchange best practices and develop joint strategies for secure software.


Hackmanit GmbH

Hackmanit GmbH was founded by IT security experts of the Ruhr University Bochum. They have international publications on the security of XML, SSL/TLS, Single Sign-On, Cross-Site Scripting, and UI-Redressing/Clickjacking. The company’s focus is defined by high quality penetration tests, practical training, and tailor-made reports.

Industry Partner


Spamhaus Technology delivers continuously updated data feeds worldwide; for individuals, businesses of all sizes, government departments and civic organizations. These data feeds effortlessly provide email administrators and security teams with threat intelligence so that you can block suspicious inbound email, providing a robust first line of defense. We are fully committed to the global fight against cyber crime; funding research into anti-spam technologies, alongside making the data available to the public via a network of worldwide public servers.