Joomla! is the second-most popular CMS behind WordPress, and it is similarly easy to get started with. Installation can be done within 30 seconds, and it works on just about every web hosting platform. More complex projects and functions can also be implemented with minimal prior knowledge, thansk to the more than 7,500 extensions and countless finished designs available. It should however be mentioned that in the Joomla! universe, like in WordPress,the extensions are often offered at a cost. But users can already design and operate their own website with basic knowledge and available materials.

Online magazine and news pages, company websites, intranets and extranets, e-commerce and online bookings, websites for public administration, portfolios for artists, web presences for non-profit organizations, social networks, school and club sites, blogs, family pages… the list of projects implemented with Joomla is long and diverse. Joomla! is especially well-suited for „medium-sized projects“ that require a wide range of functions, without being too dependent on the Enterprise Content Managment.

Interestingly, one deficit of Joomla! lies, of all places, in „classic“ content management (one large text field for the entire page content, no workflow) and in the administration of multiple parallel websites ("multisite"). However, there are extensions that close these gaps. For compley projects, it is certainly recommended to get professional support.

The Joomla! community is very aktive, well-connected, freindly and helpful. Alongside many freely-accessible tutorials, there is a freely-accessible monthly community magazine with amny tips and tricks.

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