The browser-based content management system Contao was first released in 2006 under the name TYPOLight and was renamed in 2010, for it was often (mistakenly) held for a derivate of TYPO3.

Contao is suitable for both committed beginners and professionals in website building. A well-thought-out system architecture makes for a very flexible use of the webCMS, with which small club sites as well as complex and highly frequented corporate websites can be built and managed.  There are software solutions available for the majority of the typical requirements for websites. More than 240 registered Contao partner companies offer professional support in the areas web design, training, programming and web hosting.

The friendly, solution-oriented dialog in the Community Forum is a valuable source of support forexchanging ideas and as the first point of contact for know-how and assistance.Alongside the community forums, there are a range of events which offer the basis for dialog between users, developers, the Contao team and anyone who's curious; there are regular Contao meetups in many larger cities.

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