Umbraco is based on ASP.NET and, in this environment, is the world's most popular open source CMS, comprising of over 400,000 pages. Thanks to its Microsoft technology basis, the CMS is particularly well suited to cooperating with other Microsoft systems (e.g. in the fields of product, inventory, or document management) without having to build complicated extra bridges.

Due to its distinctive framework character, Umbraco can be used very flexibly and in practice serves as the basis for numerous types of web projects. Umbraco is a versatile tool for everything ranging from high-traffic media sites and intranet-based document management solutions through to simple landing pages. The hosting of Umbraco projects works on local Microsoft servers just as it does in the cloud. As an additional offer, for a number of years now, there is the SaaS solution Umbraco Cloud hosted via Microsoft Azure.

The Umbraco community consists of over 200,000 enthusiastic developers from all corners of the globe, whose passion for the CMS ensures that security is never neglected during its continuous further development. If errors are detected, a security update ensues shortly after. This is one reason why there hasn't been a single zero-day attack in the more than ten-year history of the CMS. But for precisely this reason, it is also important when using Umbraco to always keep up-to-date with the latest software.

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